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Scenario: A Tale of Two Hobbits

'A Tale of Two Hobbits' is a scenario for Advanced Songs of Blades and Heroes, though it could quite easily be converted to set of different skirmish rules. A Downloadable pdf version can be found here. It is designed for two players. One takes the part of GM and should read all of the following rules. The GM controls of the NPCs, takes control of the scenario and gives out information to the Player as it is needed.


The other player controls a small band of characters and is only fed information about the scenario by the GM. The Player (capital 'P',as in not the GM) may read the first section of this scenario if he wishes, but should read no more.

The GM should read the whole scenario first, it is his job to know what is going on, and too assemble all the required miniatures and scenery.

The text on a pink background should be read aloud to the Player:

'Twere all excitement and rejoicing in Brebitton. The two great dynasties of the town were to be united in marriage in the morning, and there was much laughter and ale.
The bride: Gloria Whinnock, considered by most to be the best looking Halfling of her generation. Her soon to be husband Griskin Hasp was nervously pacing his room, convinced he would forget what to say and make a fool of himself in front of every Hobbit of import this side of the Shady Mountains.
Griskin jumped near out of his skin as the bedroom door clattered open. A rattled-looking Squire Whinnock hurried into the room.
'She's gone, Griskin! She's gone!'
'What do you mean, she's gone?' Surely Gloria wouldn't have done a runner, they had been sweethearts since childhood.
'Swiped, Griskin! Stolen! Hobbit-napped! That's what I mean!'
Squire Whinnock sank into a chair, felt for his pipe then immediately stood again.
'It's those no-good Hobbits from Four-Crosses, Awd Dimmery saw them!'
'Who!' Who did he see?' Griskin was taking his sword from its place in his luggage.
'The drunk fool couldn't say. But he saw them take her, down the main street and over the bridge into Haggitwood.'
The Four-Crossers would do almost anything to get one over on Brebitton, but kidnap? They'd gone to far this time.
'Quick, we need to raise a party.'
'There are still plenty abroad at the Golden Apple, drinking your health. Let's see who we can muster…'
And so a small band is assembled featuring those Hobbits and big folk who are currently frequenting the common room of the Golden Apple, not necessarily the abode of heroes, but needs must.

The Player's force consists of the following characters:

Griskin Hasp: Betrothed to the missing Gloria. Griskin is armed with a short sword and a sling. He is particularly motivated at the thought of loosing his bride-to-be and has with him an early wedding present; some Lombuss Bread from his good friend Lasoleg the elf. He has the following stats: Q: 3+, C:3, Hero, Lucky, Fearless, Good Shot, Sling (w) Lombuss Bread (Potion of Healing).

Squire Whinnock: Like Griskin, Whinnock has more to loose than most and this is refelcted in his stats. He is armed with xxx and as the following stats: Q: 3+, C:2, Hero, Fearless, Good Shot, Sling (w).

Trapper Timble: A woods-hobbit who Griskin and Whinnock found slumped in the corner of the Apple, while not the best warrior, he is expert at tracking. Q:4+, C:1, Traps, Tracker*. Tracker is a scenario special skill how it is used is detailed later.

Billwood Barnicle: A young hobbbit eager at the chance of adventure. Q:4+, C:2, Good Shot, Sling (w).

Jonbert Flummock: Another young hobbbit eager at the chance of adventure. Q:4+, C:2, Good Shot, Sling (w).

Blodwynn: A human woman, who is passing through town. Q: 4+, C:3, Crossbow (W) Good Shot.

Barry Ithiraî: The first of a pair of dwarven brothers, happy to help out the hobbits. Barry is armed with a two handed sword and is in armour. Q: 3+, C:4, Heavy Weapon, Heavy Armour, Short Move

Paul Ithiraî: The second of a pair of dwarven brothers, happy to help out the hobbits. Paul is armed with a cross bow. Q: 3+, C:3, Crossbow (w), Short Move.

If you are the player then stop reading now!


OK, so if your reading this then you are the GM. And seeing as you are the GM I'll let you into a little secret: it wasn't hobbitses what did it. Unbeknown to the good folk of Brebitton Stenstorp the Troll has moved into Haggitwood. He has decided to take Gloria as his troll-bride and sent his goblin henchmen to kidnap her (hence the small shadows, see, I've thought this through). The player will find this out in good time, for now, keep him in the dark.

What You Will Need

Scenery: A table about 3'x3', maybe a little bigger. Lots of trees (to form Haggitwood) and a good deal of path. You will also need Stenstorp's hideout, a ruined building or similar where Gloria can be placed.

Miniatures: The good guys are detailed in Section I, if you can't find miniatures that exactly correspond then change the stats so they do. If you are going to buy some miniatures especially then lots of people do good halfings, but I can recommend any that have been sculpted by Mark Copplestone.

For the baddies you are going to need the following:

Stenstorp the two headed troll sculpted by Drew Williams and sold by Ryan McKnight is excellent.

Baldrick the Goblin jester. The Oldhammer Weekend Goblin is perfect for this.

6 Goblin Archers available from any number of manufacturers

8 Goblins with Swords ditto

6 Evil Little Blighters Human-headed-daemon-rat-creatures available from Bolt Thrower Miniatures, run by yours truly and available from

A Spitebringer A daemon creature also from those fine chaps at Bolt Thrower Miniatures.

Gloria Whinnock will also be needed for Griskin to rescue. Reaper do some gloriously 80s female halflings.

Again all these are all replaceable if you don't have any of the miniatures, just use your imagination.

Read all of Section III before the game.


So to the game! Set up a board, about 3' square, in one corner there should be path which forks in three directions. Haggitwood should be represented on either side of the path.

As the party descends into Haggitwood they remember the tales told to them as children. Bad things lurk in the shadows, just out of sight. Unconsciously they draw in to the centre of the path.
Three ways lead into the darkness ahead, Trapper Timble is pushed forward…
'Come on then Trapper, which way did them blasted Four-Crossers go?' Squire Whinnock demanded…

The Player should deploy their miniatures on the path. Then Trapper Timble makes three Q rolls to try and follow the tracks (this is the Tracker trait) the number of successes he gets determines which box you read out below.

[0 successes]
Tracks are all a bit confused Squire, can't rightly say which way they went.”
While Trapper Timble releaves himself against a tree, the others have a look at the three paths, down the middle one some fresh tracks can be clearly seen.

[1 success]
This way!” Trapper Timble exclaims loudly pointing at the middle path. “Them's hobbit tracks or I'm an orc.”

[2 successes]
Tracks go that way” says Trapper pointing at the middle path. “Clear as day. But also there's some less clear tracks going down the right path.”

[3 successes]
Tracks go that way” says Trapper Timble pointing at the middle path. “Clear as day. But also there's some less clear tracks going down the right path, and what's more these ain't no Hobbit tracks. Don't know what they are, Squire, but they ain't no Hobbitses”

What happens next depends on which path the Player. He may split his party up, which is fine from your point of view but could land him in some trouble. He may also decide to go through the woods rather than down the path. In this case roll a die each turn for each miniature as soon as they have moved off the path:

1-2 Nothing happens.
3-4 They see something unspeakable. Make an immediate moral check. Griskin and Squire Whinnock treat this result as 'Noting happens'
5-6 They are attacked by d3 Evil Little Blighters: Q: 5+, C:3, Gang, Gregarious, Rabble

Otherwise the paths are as follows:
Left Hand Path: To start with there is nothing down this path, then it curves to the right and they are met by a terrifying Spite Bringer: Q:3+, C:4, Big, Combat Master, Poison, Terror. The Spitebringer will attack anyone who comes with in L distance of it, other wise will hold its ground. If the Spitebringer is beaten (and that is a big if) then the path curves again to the right and joins up with the middle path (where they will find the trap, see below).

Middle Path: There are clear tracks down this path. The first character to head down this path sets off the trap. At the end of his first movement onto the path make he makes three Q rolls (note that Trapper Timble gets a +1) and consults the following table for effects(again Timble gets +1):

3 Successes – No effect.
2 Successes – Roll as if for combat vs C:3
1 Success – Roll as if for combat vs C:4
0 Successes – Roll for combat vs C:5

Also any other miniatures with in short distance must also try and avoid the trap, they get +1 to both sets of rolls (+2 for Timble)
Once they are past the trap the path curves round to the left, where they will meet the Spitebringer (see above.)

Right Hand Path: This is the correct way. As soon as the group set off down it they will be shot at by 6 hidden goblins. After the players first complete turn with takes them onto this path. Make Six shooting attacks with the goblins Q: 4+, C:2, Poison, Short Bow. But do not tell the Player where these attacks are coming from. Next turn the player gets a chance to spot the goblins. Before they move each character makes 3x Q rolls:

0 Successes – Tell them nothing.
1 Success – Place a counter or other marker in the woods, and tell them this is a shadowy figure.
2+ Successes – Place a Goblin on the board.

The group can leave the path to fight the goblins with out any ill effects as long as they remain in combat with a goblin, if for any reason they leave the path but do not engage a goblin in combat then roll as normal.
Goblins will fight if in combat, any goblins that have not been engaged (including those not yet spotted, will continue to shoot at any eligible target.

After the goblin archers have been beaten the group will (hopefully) continue along this paths. When they reach the opposite corner to which they started they have found Stenstorp's lair. Place the relevent scenary right in the corner. Gloria is placed in building and is being watched by Baldrick. Stenstorp himself starts somewhere near the building, another 8 goblins (warriors this time) are deployed between him and the group.

She's mine!” growls the troll as the group approach. “I claim the right of Troll-Bride, and which of you dum-dums is going to stop me? Haggitwood has a knew king now, King Stenstorp, and that lovely little morsel will be my queen!”
Cackling manically the goblins approach, Stenstorp lumbers behind. It looks as if you owe the Four-Crossers an apology….

Baldrick will stay guarding Gloria (unless he fails a moral test) the rest of the group will move forward and engage, the baddies take the first turn after they are deployed.

Stenstorp: Q:4+, C:4, Big, Tough, Terror, Regenerate, Leader
Baldrick: Q:3+, C:3, Block, Difficult Target, Group Fighter.
Goblins: Q:4+, C:3, Difficult Target, Group Fighter
Gloria can be freed (2 tasks) and will then join the group.
Gloria Q4+, C:2.

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