Sunday, 14 February 2016

Miniature Spotlight: Grenadier Future Warriors

Life has got in the way of things a bit this week. The promised Valentines Day Scenario is still in the pipeline and hopefully will be ready by next week, In the meantime here is something I prepared earlier...
I've recently joined a Necromunda campaign. My gang, Fat Harry's Wasters, are Ash Waste Nomads. While the original Necromunda miniatures are nice, they don't come too cheap and can take some finding on ebay. As substitutes I got some of the old Greandier sculpts, now sold through both em4 and Mirliton. They are nice old-school sculpts and hold up pretty well in terms of quality.

Size=wise they are on the small end of 28mm, but not noticeably, especially when on the table. Below they can be seen with a Foundry Street Violence miniature (left) and a Forgeworld Guardsman (right)

Shortly after we started the campaign Games Workshop announced they were rereleasing Necromunda as part of their specialist games branch. Personally I find this both exciting and worrying. They are also re-releasing Bloodbowl and at a forthcoming Bloodbowl event will be using old rules (actually older than those used by the current BB tournament scene). I expect though this is just a stop gap and when the games are released they will have been rejigged. It is the extent of this rejigging that worries me. Necromunda is full of tables, a feature of many games of that era, and it works well. Half the fun of the game is rolling up events after the battle. If GW slim down the rules too much and go all Age of Sigmar on our arses, then there is a great danger they will take all the charm out of the game and we will end up with a 40k-lite skirmish game.
The miniatures I do not hold out much hope for, I've seen some of the BB ones and they look like they've stepped straight out of the computer game. Apparently some people think this is a good thing, I don't. Oh well, old minis still work with new rules...
Coming next week:

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