Thursday, 21 May 2015

Battle Report: The Keys of Thesis

Last night we had a three way skirmish battle using the Flying Lead rules from Ganesha Games.
Set in the 40k universe our forces consisted of Jordan's six marines, my eleven beastmen Imperial Guard and Mark's five super-ratling snipers.
We added in some rules from Mutants and Death Rays and the forces were not entirely legal according to the rules, but we were gaming in the grim-dark world of the 41st millennium, so realism was not too important.
In the centre of the board Barry the cybernetic minotaur was guarding the Keys of Thesis. I'm not quite sure what these were, but they were obviously important as all our forces were hell bent on obtaining them.
Barry was controlled by a simple AI system and as everyone converged on the Arab quarter of the town, he came steaming out of the building, bellowing and swearing bloody vengeance.
However, near on a tonne of pyscotic-cybernetic bovine muscle though he was, he was no match for five Halflings with sniper rifles. The marines had already softened him up, but in what was to prove to be a theme of the night he fell in a hail of the best shire lead.
Meanwhile I had managed to cock up my activations and ended up with my force spread out across half the table, the leader on his own and unable to use his skills to keep everyone else moving.

Jordan's Marines stormed the target building and claimed the Keys. However they then found them self trapped as Mark's Ratlings drew line of sight down an alley.

One Marine was felled were he stood, the leader took to a corner with the keys while the rest of the Emperor's finest stormed out and into the face of hobbit-lead.
 We randomized turns by drawing our names out of a mug each turn. This added a level of excitement as we didn't know who was going to act next and if we would be able to take cover or make combat before the enemy activated.

However it was not with out it's pitfalls when it came to top up time for the tea.

 Marines against Ratlings should have been a white-wash, and it was, but not necessarily the way you'd have thought.

Being out classed in combat, the slippery little halflings fell back, took aim and shot the Marines to holy hell.

Taking the Keys from the fallen body of the Marine Captain it looked as if Mark had it all sown up.

However a few bad dice rolls on his behalf gave my leader a slim chance, which he duly took. Leaving most of the force behind he and a couple of other guards through caution to the wind, activated like their lives depended on it and emerged from the town just in time to take a pot shot at the retreating little-ones.

No one was killed but the holder of the keys was left shaken and this gave my guys enough time to take another shot. The hobbit leader fell, panic ensued and I ran in, skragged the little blighter on the ground. took the keys and made a mad dash back to my deployment zone.

It was a fair old dash, but only two hobbits remained and their stumpy little legs had no chance. The Keys of Thesis were mine!


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