Thursday, 4 May 2017

Sample NPCs

I'm thinking of putting together a collection of NPCs that GMs could use to drop into their games whenever they need a character at short notice, or are looking for some inspiration. The idea is to have two sections, the first with tavern goers the second with dungeon dwellers. They will be stated for Tunnels & Trolls but could easily be used with any system.
Below I include three samples, two that might be found in the Dog & Duck, one you may come across in the depths of a dank and dastardly dungeon.

Let me know what you think, any feedback will be very useful for putting the book together.

Gromlach the Barbarian
L1 Human Warrior
DEX: 16, LUCK: 15, ST: 11, SPD:14, CHR:7, INT:7, WIZ:8, CON:13. 5'9” 180lbs

In a dark corner sits an all-to-naked barbarian. Some of his body is covered in sweat-stained leather, completely ineffectual as armour, the rest seems to be covered in some kind of oil. As he sits, legs spread wide in a manly fashion, you can see far more than you want to. He is alone, as you approach him and get a whiff of stale sweat, you realise this may not be entirely his choice.

L2 SR CHR to get him to open up (L1 for a fellow barbarian). (Open up=talk to you, get your mind out of the gutter.)

If they pass the Charisma test Gromlach will tell how he lost his companions in a delve just to the west of Khazan, in an abandoned Goblin salt mine. 'We didn't stand a chance,' he says, 'I've never seen the likes before. Huge it was. Huge!' With that he shivers and drains his flagon of ale. 'I only escaped because I was still in the corridor taking a leek. My weak prostate was a curse, the physician said, turns out it may have been a blessing.'

Dennis of Twitchwhistle Street
L3 Gnome Wizard (Knows all spells up to Level 3)
DEX: 15, LUCK: 27, ST: 11, SPD:23, CHR:13, INT:35, WIZ:25, CON:14. 1'4” 15lbs

Propped up at the bar on a stool and several cushions sits an emaciated and white haired Gnome. He is reading a dusty tome and glaring at anyone that gets too close with their drinks. His many-patched robes were maybe once purple.

L3 SR INT to recognise the book he is reading.

If anyone passes the Intelligence roll they recognise the book as 'Grunwizzles Book of Herbology and Hedge Wizardry.' Engaging Dennis in conversation will result in him telling you that he is desperately trying to get his hands on some Bunionbane and will pay richly (well, quite richly, 50gp) if anyone finds him some.

L2 Minotaur Warrior
DEX: 19, LUCK: 5, ST: 25, SPD:9, CHR:16, INT:8, WIZ:12, CON:27 7'2” 270lbs

A Minotaur staggers out of the shadows and shouts something incomprehensible at you. He is clutching a large ax in one hand and a bottle of ouzo in the other. He his clad in mismatched bronze armour, some of it richly decorated, all of it tarnished and battered. He is obviously drunk and will not listen to negation, he only wants to fight. When ever he takes a swing he shouts 'You want cheeeps with that?!'

7d6+13 – 10 points of armour.
*Special attack – If Stavros ever gets three or more 6s in one combat round then he staggers drunkenly to the side just in time to avoid a blow. Half the PCs combat total for this round.

If he is killed and searched the PCs will find 12gp, 19sp and 2cp, a half drunk bottle of ouzo and a greasy brown paper bag containing the remains of a kebab.

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