Thursday, 30 July 2015

Miniature Spotlight: Black Tree Designs Rat-Men

We have been playing a fair bit of Warhammer Quest recently. Well actually it is a cross between Quest and Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, but that is a subject for another post. Most of the time I have been a PC, but from time to time have taken over the reins as GM. I have all the basic Quest monsters from the box and have been adding to them slowly.

There are quite a variety of monsters available in Quest, and a lot more supplied by fan run websites. From beasties like giant spiders to chaos demons, undead skeletons, goblins and chaos dwarfs. The random generated dungeons give a mash up of all of these, but if your GMing there is always the option to theme your dungeons. You can have it infested by Chaos dwarfs and their hob-goblin servants or a green-skin hide-out. But as we are doing a WHFR/Quest hybrid I'm more tending towards Skaven.

Skaven fit the WHFR background well, an insidious threat living beneath the feet of unsuspecting citizens. A quick internet trawl turned up a surprising amount of alternatives to GW's line (and there is nothing wrong with the classic Citadel Skaven at all). In the end I plumped for Black Tree Design' Ver Monks (available here). These are some lovely models and fit in great with oldschool citadel.

I painted mine up in the classic green, with a muddy bottom to his robes, they spend most of their lives in the sewers below Altdorf, after-all. In the comparison below Skreek can be seen next to a modern (boo-hiss, it's not mine) GW Skaven.

It has to be said that some people have had trouble ordering from Black Tree Design. There have been reports of orders taking months to arrive, or in some cases not arriving at all. In their defence though there is an apology on their website which explains about some personal trouble they have been having. These may not be any consolation to those who have had trouble in the past, but the trouble seems to be sorted now. Personally I have made a few orders over the past couple of years and they have all arrived in good time.

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  1. Like those models - definitely best non-OOP ratmen. My experience with Black Tree was I made an order in autumn and it arrived very quickly, I ordered again in about January and it came in two parts - one in over a month and the other even longer. I wasn't particularly in a hurry so it was OK, and I did get everything, although I was starting to wonder what was happening before I got first batch.