Friday, 6 June 2014

Bolt Thrower's First Minis

Recently I started up a small line in wargames miniatures, Bolt Thrower Miniatures. I'm going to do a Q&A style article (and hopefully a promo video, if I can work out the technical side of things) soon with more detail about why I decided to do this and what exactly I'm doing.

Meanwhile the first two miniatures are almost ready.


The aim of Bolt Thrower is to produce miniatures that can't be found elsewhere, I've no interest in producing another version of a mini that forty-seven other miniature companies already do.
One type of model which I think is under represented as a whole are females. There are some out there it is true, but these tend to be fourteen-year-old boys' visions of what a woman should be, big cleavage and woefully inadequate armour. I wanted to produce some women that look like they could give your average orc a run for his money.
With that in mind I would like to introduce Bloddwyn:


Another miniature I couldn'd find anywhere was a drunken-slob-of-a-pro-footballer-minotaur-carrying-a-bottle-of-ouzo, which is why I commissioned Stavros.

Both minis where sculpted by Juan Montano from drawings by Martin Hanford.

They are available to pre order now: Bloddwyn is £3, Stavros is £6, plus P&P (rates below) if you want to order send me your paypal account details and what you want, email to, or send me a facebook message, or a postcard or what ever, and I'll send you an invoice. The minis will be cast up as quickly as possibly, should be a few weeks, I'll keep you informed of progress.

P&P Rates:
UK - £1.50
Europe - £3.50
Rest of World - £4.50
These rates are for one or both models. If you want more than one of each drop me a line and I'll work out how much that will be.

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